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Fun with counting

This entry is more of a note to myself, as any SQL guru will probably read it and think less of me for just now realizing it. My problem was as follows.

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On Indentation

I don't understand why so many otherwise intelligent programmers insist on using spaces to indent lines of code. The whole purpose of a tab is to advance the cursor to a specific position. These positions are customizable in every capable editor out there. Why force your formatting on everyone who has to read or edit your code? It's not like you sit there and hit the spacebar 2, 3, 4, or 8 times; you hit tab and tell your editor to translate it to spaces. In fact, you go to great lengths to have your editor pretend a group of spaces at the beginning of a line is one unit – a tab, if you will. What's the point? A tab is the semantically correct equivalent.

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