Posted by Dan Watson

Searchable Models

If you happen to be one of about 4 people that actually reads this, you may notice I added a search box to the sidebar. What's far more interesting is the code behind it. I posted a snippet containing the code I wrote to accomplish this. Basically, it's just some convenience code to avoid having to drop down to SQL or use triggers for the simple case of having a model where you want certain fields to be full-text searchable. A SearchableModel will, by default, automatically update it's search index when you call its save() method. The API is documented at the top of the snippet, so I won't duplicate it here, but I will share the search view this site uses:

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Re-introducing pydmtx

Just a quick note: pydmtx is now included with libdmtx. The project had been on hiatus to avoid any legal/patent problems, but is back and better than ever. Check out what's new here.

Introducing pydmtx

pydmtx is a thin python wrapper around libdmtx. It does one and only one thing (for now) – it creates DataMatrix barcode images.

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FastCGI, et. al.

I've been wanting to drop mod_python since the day I installed it. After the saga of setting it up, I was left feeling unclean. So I sat down yesterday and started downloading new versions of stuff. Apache, mod_fastcgi, Python, Subversion, PHP… you name it. My biggest concerns were upgrading to Python 2.5, and switching this site (and others) from mod_python to mod_fastcgi. But I sure am glad I did. Deploying a Django site was never my favorite thing to do under mod_python, but with mod_fastcgi, it became an almost joyous experience.

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Sitemap Redux

Well, that was fast. My sitemap app made it's way into Django proper. I added a couple new convenience classes and fixed up the ping_google function. Adrian took it the rest of the way and cleaned up my code and documentation. You can read about it here, or have a look at the documentation. Viva Django!