Posted in 2009


I just posted a snippet for a Django file storage backend that transparently compresses files using the gzip python module. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done, with a few caveats:

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Many-To-Many Subsets

I'm modeling game results in a Django app I'm working on. A team consists of one or more players, and players may be on multiple teams – a ManyToManyField in Django. Then there are locations that maintain a list of players (not teams) who are authorized to play there, and players may be authorized for multiple locations – another ManyToManyField. What I wanted to find was, given a location, a list of teams whose players are all authorized to play at that location.

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Searchable Models

If you happen to be one of about 4 people that actually reads this, you may notice I added a search box to the sidebar. What's far more interesting is the code behind it. I posted a snippet containing the code I wrote to accomplish this. Basically, it's just some convenience code to avoid having to drop down to SQL or use triggers for the simple case of having a model where you want certain fields to be full-text searchable. A SearchableModel will, by default, automatically update it's search index when you call its save() method. The API is documented at the top of the snippet, so I won't duplicate it here, but I will share the search view this site uses:

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